11 Nisan 2010 Pazar

Democracy and Internet Access

People mostly using internet tool to communicate and to access the information. People are exchanging their ideas, in a virtual world people's races, ages and identities are not important so they feel free to express themselves in this communictaion base.

Censorship is a big issue in Turkey. If we are living in a demopcratic country people should have access to every single bit information. Democracy means:" is a political government carried out either directly by the people or by means of elected represantatives of the people." But in Turkey, as we have been told, as a democratic country it seems to be breaking this concept.

The internet is fundemantel tool for the people who are living in a democratic country. People are need to be able to reach the same internet connection equality. This is why the internet must become a tool without limitations, it helps countries to develop culturally and it is neccessary on a community to have wider access.

The use of the internet is can be defined as civil rights and an explanation of demoracy. Politicians of our country behaved prejudiced. They have been banned the sites according to their own wills. As we are talking about the democracy then we need to be open - minded and farsighted.

To sum up, people should not be obstructed by the minority in order to serve their wills. Politicians need to look at the wider side and need to consider the people's benefits more than thmeselves.

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